General Secretary’s Message


Shri. Abhijeet B. Mokashi

General Secretary

I wish to take this opportunity to introduce the faculty of Agriculture, Food Technology & Agril. Engineering  under MKVP, Rajmachi. The main mandate of the faculty is to answer to needs of the country and offer answers towards food and nutrition security with the hope that translates to increased business in agriculture / food technology and related activities and economic empowerment of the stakeholders. Both the faculties provides through its teaching, research and outreach / extension activities, as support through our vision and mission statements.

Each of the departments of both the faculties is endowed with highly qualified academic and technical support staff. The faculties have unlimited access to irrigated land of field-based research and controlled experimentation. The laboratory infrastructure is well established and is under continuous upgrading. The training programs are regularly reviewed to incorporate emerging scientific and technological issues in the agriculture, food science & agricultural Engineering.